• a) “University” means the University of Engineering and Technology, Rasul
  • b) “College” means the Constituent/ Affiliated College of the University
  • c) “Faculty” means the concerned faculty of the University
  • d) “Vice-Chancellor” means the Vice-Chancellor of the University
  • e) “Pro Vice-Chancellor” means the Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University
  • f) “Dean” means the Dean of the concerned faculty
  • g) “Principal” means the Principal of a college
  • h) “Chairman” means the Chairman of the concerned department of the University/College
  • i) “Controller” means the Controller of Examinations of the University
  • j) “Student” means a bonafide student of a degree program of the University who does not maintain admission simultaneously in any other degree/diploma program of the University or in any other Institution
  • k) “Candidate” means a student who intends to appear in an examination
  • l) “Board of Studies” means the Board of Studies of the concerned discipline of the University/College


  • • The pronoun “he” and its derivatives are used for both male and female persons.
  • • Depending upon the context, the words imparting the singular number include the plural number as well.

  • Modification of Rules and Regulations

    The rule and regulations governing various aspects of students’ life at the University (such as discipline, admissions, examination, migration, fees and charges, etc.) are given in this prospectus as they stood at the time of its publication. There is no guarantee that these rules and regulations will remain unchanged throughout a student’s stay at the University, nor does it in any way restrict or curtail the inherent powers for the University authorities to modify them whenever in their judgment any modifications are called for, and to implement the modified rules and regulations from a date which they deem appropriate.

    Special Provisions

    a) In all cases where the regulations are silent, the decision of the Vice Chancellor shall be final.
    b) Interpretation of these rules and regulations by authorized officers of the University shall be final.
    c) The University authorities reserve the right to make any changes in the existing regulations, rules, fee structure and courses of study that may be considered necessary at any time without prior notice.
    d) No student is allowed to maintain simultaneous enrollment in any other program of studies in the university or any other educational institution within or outside Pakistan, unless permitted by the competent authority as an Exchange Student.
    e) In case a student enrolled in this University is found to be a regular student of some other university/institution whether local or foreign, his admission in this university shall be canceled.
    f) Students are required to know the rules and regulations mentioned in the prospectus and notified time to time. Ignorance of rules and regulations does not absolve them of their responsibilities and shall not be treated as an excuse.