1. He shall conduct official correspondence of the University on all financial matters
  2. He shall act as the Secretary of the Finance and Planning Committee.
  3. Subject to the control of the Vice-Chancellor, he shall be responsible to ensure that the funds of the University are spent for the purposes for which they are granted or allotted and. for this purpose he shall arrange such check of stocks, records and stores as may be necessary.
  4. He shall have the authority of signing contracts assigned to him from time to time which have the approval of the competent authority.
  5. He shall be Incharge of Store Purchase Organization of the University.
  6. Subject to the control of the Vice-Chancellor, he shall be responsible for the framing of the Statutes on matters provided in Section 29(l)(a) of the Act and Regulations on matters provided in section 30 (I) (f), (b) and on all other financial matters which by the Act are to be prescribed or regulated by Statutes or Regulations.
  7. He shall be responsible to provide regularly to the Vice-Chancellor/Senate/ Syndicate/Finance & Planning Committee with adequate information on all financial matters and bring to the notice of the Vice-Chancellor any infringement of the University Act on financial matters and to ensure that the decisions of the Syndicate, the Vice-Chancellor and various other authorities communicated to him are given effect to.
  8. He shall grant casual leave to the officers working under him.
  9. He shall grant all kinds of leave except study leave/ leave ex-Pakistan to 'B' & 'C' Class employees working under him.
  10. He shall sanction journey performed in the interest of University work and countersign T.A. bills of the staff working under him.
  11. He shall sanction refund of examination fees, tuition fee, security deposit according to the rules.
  12. He shall sign the cheques upto the limit of Rs.50007- or as revised in individual cases.
  13. Treasurer and one of the Deans of Faculties shall jointly sign the cheque beyond the limit of Rs.5000/- or as revised.
  14. He shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the Syndicate or the Vice-Chancellor or any other competent authority.


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