International Funding


Title of Project
Funding Source
Huawei UET Telecom IT Center Huawei Technologies US$ 8.3M
IEEE APPES (All Pakistan Power & Energy Symposium 2016) IEEE PES USA US$ 5,000
QEMU based emulator development for MIPS architecture Caviam Networks, US US$ 15000
SAMBA file system implementation on MIPS Caviam Networks, US US$ 4500
System mode QEMU support for MIPS (expected) Caviam Networks, US US$ 60,000
Course development for embedded system MontaVista, USA US$ 5000
Development of a Real-Time Infectious Disease Surveillance and Response System for Pakistan (Partners: King Edward Medical University Lahore, Fatima Jinnah Medical University) NSF Funding in collaboration with Purdue University, USA US$400000
Establishment of mLab in South Asia Region (Partners: PSEB Islamabad, NCA Lahore, IVS Karachi, ) Nokia, InfoDev and World Bank, USA US$380000
PAN Localization Project International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada US$650K
IDRC Research Chair in Multi Lingual Computing International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada US$100K
Enabling Information Access for rural population through Urdu Dialog System Asia Pacific Tele community, Thailand US$60K
Establish a Program of Scholarly Exchange  and the Exchange of Students University of Konstanz, Germany Euro 120K
Microsoft Research Project Microsoft US$5000


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